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Proxy Detected

Proxy has been detected, Your real IP address and the IP address of your proxy are displayed.

No Proxy

No proxy has been detected, you are safe.

Webrtc Disabled

The webrtc||Quic||Srtp over UDP is disable/altered at browser level.

Webrtc Blocked

The webrtc||Quic||Srtp over UDP is Blocked at network level
(proxifier or somthing else is blocking communication ?).

SRTP request to discover real IP of machine.

SRTP Ip Address tracking method is totally different from the very popular webrtc ip address leak that everyone knows,
So far this possible proxy detection solution is obsolete, new technologies like "antibrowser" or "multi account browser" are protected from this possible ip address leak by WebRtc, a lot of plugin for mosts browsers exists in order to protect your self from WebRtc leak.

The New way : SRTP-leak 2.0

Through a direct connection between your browser and a TURN server we can get your real IP address.

Why does this happen?

There are several reasons, most OS-level routing technologies are actually not ready to route SRTP, any type of proxy, whether for TCP or UDP, must receive the destination where to forward outgoing packets, this also allows the proxy to know who is requesting the forwarding request, so that the proxy can route the corresponding incoming return packets to that same requester, here is the problem.

What is SRTP?

"Secure Real-time Transport Protocol", WebRTC can use DataChannels over SRTP and ICE as a possible communication solution.

My sources :
On client side (javascript), I used this valuable source :

Server Side :
- Ubuntu server
- Coturn (TURN server)
- Backend PHP

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